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Mrs. Anita Marko

My name is Anita Marko.  I will be starting my 13th year of teaching at St. Jude School.  My teaching emphasis is in the area of science. This is a very special subject area for me, one that I hold very dear.  In years past, I have also taught religion, geography, and math. I have a deep love of science and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

My husband, Tucker and I have two children, Lindsay and Matthew.  I am especially blessed to have my 90-year-old mom live with my family.  In my spare time, I love to cook, read, travel, and be surrounded by friends and family.  

Our teaching team at SJS is an inspiring, loving, and supportive group of individuals.  I am blessed to work alongside them each and every day and am looking forward to another fantastic year with them.

My goal as a teacher is to foster a love of Science by allowing the students to see the love I have myself for this subject.  The beauty of teaching this subject in a faith-filled community is that we not only learn scientific concepts but develop a deeper appreciation of the magnificence of HOW God created the universe.  “True science discovers God waiting behind every door.” ~ Pope Pius XII


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