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  • Saint Jude Education Center

    Stationery Supply List (2018-2019)

    Grade 7

    $20.00 Stationery Fee: Student Planner and Trade Books

    1 USB Port (thumb drive)

    1 calculator – TI-30XIIS

    1 pair of ear buds

    4 marble Composition Books (not spiral)

    1 expandable 13 pocket file folder

     ½” hard 3 ring binder

    1 package of binder dividers (5 is plenty)

    12” ruler

    Pencils sharpened

    Black or Blue pens

    1 pencil case

    1 colored pen for corrections (any color)

    1 yellow highlighter

    1 protractor

    4 pkgs. 3x5 lined index cards for ELA


    Shared items

    2 boxes of tissues

    2 rolls of paper towels

    1 container of disinfectant wipes




    Colored Pencils

    Scissors (Fiskars)

    Elmer’s Glue & Glue Stick

    Markers thick & thin

    Prang watercolor paints (no fluorescent)

    Art Shirt (old T-shirt with child’s name in collar)

    Baby Wipes   “Art Room” written on containers (Refill packs are welcome):

                September:      Families whose names ends with M to Z

                January:           Families whose names ends with A to L


    Music – Grades 3-8

    1 marble or spiral copybook



    Welcome to seventh grade at St. Jude School 

    where we are educating hearts and minds

    in mercy, service, and academics.