2018-2019 St. Jude Education Center Annual Fund

  • Thank you for your support.

    Our St. Jude Catholic Education Center (a.k.a. St. Jude Parish Center) most definitely is the heart of our parish. A vibrant, dynamic, vital heart in which people of all ages gather to grow in their faith, socialize, and compete in sports.

    All members of the St. Jude Community have benefited from our Center. It continues to fortify and unify our parish. The constant activities that take place within the Center affirm its essential role at St. Jude. It is home to such diverse and life-affirming programs as:

    • Our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)
    • Our award-winning National Blue Ribbon St. Jude School
    • 45 CYO sports teams
    • Faith-based ministries such as Knights of Columbus, Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP), Bible Study, St. Vincent DePaul Society Meetings
    • Parish Youth Group Service activities such as MLK, Jr service projects, Camp Heart Spaghetti Dinner
    • Social activities such as CYO Dances, Our Annual Picnic, and countless Parish celebrations such as the Valentines’ Day Social

    2018 was are the second launch of the St. Jude Education Center Annual Fund to help care for our beloved Center. Thanks to all of you, we successfully raised over $60,000, and we were able to address many of our immediate needs:

    •  Replaced the air conditioning pipes and insulation of the piping
    • Replace the air conditioning for the computer server room

    • Purchased 3 dehumidifier units

    • Replace the rubber stair treads and risers

    • Power wash the exterior of the Center

      While we were able to accomplish all of this, there is still more we need to do.  If you donated to the Annual Fund last year, I sincerely thank you for your gift and hope you will participate again this year.  If you were unable to support the Fund last year, I ask you to consider participating in this year’s fund.

    Thank you to all that contributed to our St. Jude Education Center Annual Fund.

    Gifts to this fund help to ensure the future of our exceptional center, a critical component of St. Jude.