• Welcome to our Mercy Outreach Webpage!

    We are proud to be a "Mercy School" as we follow in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley,foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, and of the many Sisters who have been a part of St. Jude since it began.

    The Saint Jude School Community is dedicated to teaching our children values that will help them to become aware of and attentive to the needs of others. This is accomplished through the Mercy Outreach Program. This program is designed to foster a greater understanding of service and of helping those who are less fortunate.  Thus, we follow the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.

    Each grade is assigned a group of people in need - the sick, the elderly, the hungry, the poor, etc.. With the help of parent volunteers who work with the teachers, the children work on an activity or project during each trimester. These projects and activities hopefully motivate students, foster a willingness to help and give the children a true sense of the Mercy Outreach mission. 

    The students of St. Jude School reach out to the following organizations throughout the school year.


    Kindergarten - McAuley Convent

    Grade 1 - Crossroads Pregnancy Care

    Grade 2 - New Seasons of New Britain

    Grade 3 - Mercy Neighborhood Ministries 

    Grade 4 - Aid for Friends

    Grade 5 - Abington Health Adult Day Services

    Grade 6 - Manna on Main Street

    Grade 7 - Travis Manion Foundation 

    Grade 8 - Alex's Lemonade Stand



    The following websites may be of interest:

    Crossroads Pregnancy Care - www.friendsofcrossroads.com

    Mercy Neighborhood Ministries - www.mercyneighbors.org

    Manna on Main Street - www.mannaonmain.org

    Alex's Lemonade Stand - www.alexslemonade.org