honor students

    A graduate of St. Jude School will fully live the Catholic faith by:

    • Continuing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
    • Living the Gospel message through words and actions
    • Recognizing individual talents and abilities as gifts from God
    • Embracing a life dedicated to Christian service

    A graduate of St. Jude School will promote the charism of mercy by:

    • Demonstrating respect, compassion, and empathy for self and others
    • Accepting accountability for actions, commitments, and obligations
    • Serving the needs of society at both the local and global levels
    • Accepting the call to be a steward of God's creation

    A graduate of St. Jude School will be prepared for the future by:

    • Possessing a strong spiritual and academic foundation
    • Valuing the life-long process of learning
    • Demonstrating integrity in solving real-world problems
    • Exercising good moral judgement in making decisions